There are lots of objects in our world around us. Control them all with the simpliest platform you can imagine… - a spreadsheet.      
If you don't like books, instructions, specifications, notations, programming…                      
Realize the Idea!
Idea. Popcorn. Hates. Merge different objects' functionality.
And likes. Buy a licence.
… but if you gonna work hard to make our world the better place…                        
Samples, templates, ABC Start. From the beginning. Step by step.
AFinScript functions GET DATA from ODBC/OLEDB databases, XML, JSON ('get'/'table-to' form), HTML/text/MS Word (using REGEX), ERP systems, FSO (file system) and Outlook mailbox. 
Translate phrases, pronounciate numbers, get bank exchange rates, get environment parameters and more…
AfinScript libraries, ready to use:
Afin.ExcelObjects If you need do something with Excel objects while the script is running, eg you want to calculate your worksheet functions and insert data into a database.
Afin.VBA RUN (in script! - without function calculation problems) AFinScript FUNCTIONS OR YOUR OWN MACROS. This is a way to ADD FUNCTIONALITY to AFinScript. 
Write a macro and RUN IT AS YOUR OWN OBJECT! This is the best(!) way to test your own functionality written with VBA. Simply test your macros as a process element!
Afin.SQL Make and run your own database processing. Your own data warehouse is very close.
Afin.Internet Manage information from internet sites. Info: Web query's functionality is to find in the Afin.Query library (below).
Afin.Outlook Send a personalized e-mail, read a mailbox with an Excel-like function
Afin.InternetExplorer Use Internet Explorer to log in, manage and get any elements from web pages. Login features, sending data implemented!
Afin.Access Manage Access database without(!) using SQL
Afin.Query Use standard MS Query functionality (ODBC- DSN & DSN-less queries, URL - web queries); With Afin.Query and normal SELECT… you can paste data into a sheet in the fastest way.
Afin.Shell Manage your files during a process
Afin.ScriptManager Manage your script(s)
SampleAFinScriptLibrary The EXTERNAL LIBRARY of the third party you can use AS A NORMAL AFinSript's library (Afin's sample - you can produce your own library)
Basics The total basic specification how AFinScript generally works
Extend the functionality of AFinScript and make business with us! How to? Contact us.                  
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