Afin.VBA   AfinScript AFIN 2016
  Start: [F5] or [Ctrl+Q]
<<< Parameters   Info: 5 columns (A:E = 'COCPI..T') from the #11 row are reserved for the AfinScript's program.
e.g. Path = C:\AnyPath      
e.g. Database =        
e.g. Period =        
Class (Vendor) Object Command Parameters Info The rest: Comments, calculations, row parameters
Afin.VBA commands       .
Afin.VBA {if ommitted - AFinScript.xlam} GETDATATEXT arg1=;
PasteTo=DataSheet!b2; Clear=3
. If formula text exceeds Excel's formula length limit you can split it as follows:
="1# part of the formula or text value" & ", next part" & ", next part" & ", next part"
VBA macros
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\MyWorkbookWithMacros.xlsm Info   OK, but it stops the program.
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\MyWorkbookWithMacros.xlsm Makro0Arg   .
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\MyWorkbookWithMacros.xlsm Makro1Arg Arg1=AnyValueTextOrNumber .
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\MyWorkbookWithMacros.xlsm Makro2Arg Arg1=20;Arg2=30 .
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\MyWorkbookWithMacros.xlsm Makro3Arg Arg1=20;Arg2=30;Arg3=40 .
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\LibrariesVBA\SpeechLib.xlsm Speak Arg1=The End  
VBA functions
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\PlikMakrVBA.xlsm SQUARED Arg1=5;PasteTo=MySheet3!D4 .
Afin.VBA C:\AnyPath\FileScriptingObjectsVbaMacros.xlsm GetFileDateTime Arg1=C:\MyPath\MyFile.xlsx; PasteTo=MySheet3!F5  
Other parameters       .
() () () Clear=2;   Clear=0 {Does nothing}
Clear=1 {Clears only specified range}
Clear=2 {Clears the "Current range" (as in VBA)}
Clear=3 {Clears the "UsedRange" (as in VBA) - DEFAULT}
Clear=4 {Deletes the "UsedRange" (as in VBA)}
() () () AddLabels=1;   AddLabels={0, 1} - Used within the function giving a table value, it makes the labels row.
() () () Transpose=1;   Transpose={0, 1} - Used within the function giving a table value, it transposes the array (the table returned).
() () () UnPivot=1;   UnPivot={0, 1} - Used within the function giving a table value, it 'unpivot'-es the array (the table returned) - it makes the only one measure with 3 atributes: TblId, RowId, ColId.
() () () Name=MyName;   It gives a name corresponding to the data range pasted