Afin.ScriptManager   AfinScript AFIN 2016
  Start: [F5] or [Ctrl+Q]
<<< Parameters   Info: 5 columns (A:E = 'COCPI..T') from the #11 row are reserved for the AfinScript's program.
e.g. Path = C:\AnyPath      
e.g. Database =        
e.g. Period =        
Class (Vendor) Object Command Parameters Info The rest: Comments, calculations, row parameters
Afin.ScriptManager   Start Silent=0 0,004
.       .
Afin.ScriptManager commands       .
Afin.ScriptManager   Info   OK, but it stops the program.
Afin.ScriptManager   Wait   .
Afin.ScriptManager   Wait TimeSeconds=3 .
Afin.ScriptManager   Message Text=Sample message; Format=1 OK, but it stops the program. Information
Afin.ScriptManager   Message Text=Sample message; Format=2 OK, but it stops the program. Exclamation
Afin.ScriptManager   Message Text=Sample message; Format=3 OK, but it stops the program. Critical
Afin.ScriptManager   Message Text=Sample message; Format=4 Sample message Without a message box, with a beep
Afin.ScriptManager   Message Format=4 Beep only Without the Text - beep only
Afin.ScriptManager   Restart AfterSeconds=10 . AfterSeconds=10 (10 is the minimal value)
Afin.ScriptManager C:\AnyPath\AfinScript2.xlsx Start script Sht=AfinScript; AutoClose=1; SaveChanges=1 ,
.       .
Afin.ScriptManager   Start Silent=1 . Default: Silent=0
AfinScriptStart     Silent=1 .
Afin.ScriptManager   End   .
AfinScriptEnd       .
.       .
Afin.ScriptManager   Speak Text=The End 00:00,5