Example no.4 - A dream AFinScript AFIN 2016
Start: [F5] or [Ctrl+Q]
<<< Parameters   Info: 5 columns (A:E = 'COCPI..T') from the #11 row are reserved for the AFinScript's program.
  This is my dream. If we accept the rules of AFinScript we can parametrically manage all the objects. In a worksheet. Via Internet. With any tool.  
  Look at that not to use it. It does not work yet. But imagine how simple to control is (can be) your real object model if we have a language to communicate with things. AFinScript.  
Class (Vendor) Object Command Parameters Info The rest: Comments, calculations, row parameters
AFinScriptStart       0,004
.       .
# Control your refrigerator and waste no time for urgent shopping .
My.Refrigerator   Get level Item=Milk; 0,067
My.Tesco   Order Item=Milk; Brand=BestMilk; Min=2; MaxPrice=2.00 0,105
.       .
# Control your environment to live comfortably .
AfinInternet http://weather.com/MyCity Get info WhatToGet=Temperature; Period=2017-01-11;
MyClima Room1 Set Temperature=20; TimeReady=16 1,244
.       .
# Control your calendar .
MyRemember 48502041611 Sms DateTime=2017-01-11 11:04; Text=CycleMeeting on 18 0,074 2017-01-11 11:04
#     The formula of the cell above:
="DateTime="&F23&"; Text=CycleMeeting on 18"
.       .
# Some commands at the end eg voice info .
Afin.ScriptManager   Speak Text=Commands done 1,244
Note: You are asked for new ideas.