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<<< Parameters   Info: 5 columns (A:E = 'COCPI..T') from the #11 row are reserved for the AFinScript's program. Start: [F5] or [Ctrl+Q]
e.g. Path = C:\AnyPath      
e.g. Database =        
e.g. Period =        
  This example is not runnable - it is only to show a behavior of 'Info' column.  
Class (Vendor) Object Command Parameters Info The rest: Comments, calculations, row parameters
# Now we will focus on 'INFO' column.  
# 'Green' is generally OK. .
# 'Yellow' is generally a 'small problem' or 'info'. But it works! This is not an error. This is a sample problem explanation or info from the library.
# This yellow info is published eg with the message box that STOPS the program. It's OK, but it stops the program.
.       .
# This sample program is not executable because of not having the proper commands. If the command is NOT EXECUTED is a point in 'Info'. .
.       .
# If a command is EXECUTABLE and IT HAS BEEN PROPERLY EXECUTED it shows A TIME in 'Info' in miliseconds. .
TheProperLibrary TheProperObject TheProperCommand TheProperParameters 0,005
.       .
# UPS! THIS IS A PROBLEM! The problem is signed in red. #The problem! This is impossible to do that.
.       .
# But sometimes you also will see text info (not time info) in green. It's OK. I sent a beep.
.       .
THIS IS IMPORTANT! The 'Total' cell is formatted to the color of highest error level encoured within a program. Here - red (problem!). >>>>> 0,000